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      About Us


        Company Profile

      Hebei Modern Logistics Company Limited was created in 2000. Hebei Modern Logistics also achieved international freight certificate of approval from the former State “Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation” in the same year. We have always been focusing on the international freight business in the North China region, and actively expanded our business in other regions and overseas. We are committed to the daily business of import and export business, such as customs declaration, commodity inspection declaration, cargo insurance, shipping, air transport, land transport, port supervision of loading and unloading and warehousing supervision, pay attention to each customer demand for the results of the differences in the market to promote sales, such as re-import after export, temporary import and export business, the implementation of large-scale/oversized transport equipment, the Eurasian land Bridge transport and door to door services, and other services; In addition, for each of the most complex issues, the team of experts use their strengths to find the best interests of customers in the logistics plans and the expected results of the implementation to the customer. Good reputation, and improving the human management system, excellent professional team, a reasonable sales network layout, a large number of business practices and practical experience, all provide you with an important guarantee for our good services. In addition, it is honoured that Hebei Modern Logistics has been the vice president of Hebei International Freight Forwarders Association unit, contributing to the association's development. 

        Our Vision

      Becoming the most outstanding international freight forwarding company, and becoming the most dynamic international logistics company.

        Our Business Philosophy

      Integrity-based,customers come first,pursuing excellence and continuous development.

        Our Aim

      Creatively providing personalized, cost-effective logistics solutions, and personally implementing them to help customers continue to gain market competitive advantage, in order to achieve common development with customers.