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      As a local supplier of International freight forwarding services, Hebei Modern Logistic Company provides import and export services , from the routine customs clearance, commodity inspection declaration, insurance and land transport etc, to the most complex works deduction and exemption of customs tariff, import or export license, and reimport after export etc.

      Our team of experts is dedicated to finding the key difference in demand to the most complex problems. We continue to provide efficient logistic plans which are legitimate and suitable for customers best interests, then the incredible results always exceed customers' expectation.

      As a Global Logistic provider, Hebei Modern Logistic Company advises their customers on the best possible logistics solutions, from the pickup of freight to the delivery. Our services include international multimodal transport, door to door, letter of credit, ATA Carnet and much more.

      CEO Speech:

      Our vision is to become the most excellent international freight forwarder locally and to be the most vitalizing logistics company globally. We thank you very much for choosing Hebei Modern Logistics which makes us out of ordinary. We would like to work with our outstanding old and new customers for continuous growth, effectively create corporate and social value. Our best success is to be the most respected company by our customers, shareholders, staff and the public.

      Gao Shunping    

      Chairman of the Board